Give the people what they want

Giant pumpkins.

This all started in early May when, at Kurt’s for epic wasabi sesame encrusted tuna dinner, conversation turned to Seedling Sunday. Kurt’s girlfriend, Katie, works marketing at Maine Maritime Museum and was planning on growing a giant pumpkin in competition with other museums in the area for the Pumpkin Fest in Damariscotta. Seedling Sunday at Pinkhams was where to get a giant pumpkin seedling from champion seeds.

I was fired up to grow one, too.

This is the chronicle of the 2016 growing season of my Giant Pumpkin.

It was planted as a seedling on May 20 in a pile of compost in the middle of 4 young cherry trees.

Probably because I talk about my pumpkin plant at the slightest provocation, general consensus seems to point to how hilarious it would be to share updates.

Thus, I present to you my giant pumpkin blog.

Enjoy and please, follow my pumpkin.


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