Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Back in May, our friends Rich and Kate at Tender Soles Farm in Richmond offered us 13 free chicks with an origin story we couldn’t resist: they were undeliverable chicks from the USPS in Manhattan.

And how did they end up in Maine? you might be asking.

Well, the NY postmaster knew a retired postal worker (Henry) had a son with a farm in Maine (Rich) so obviously they would want them.

So while Henry was driving those chicks up the coast on his way to see his 2 week old granddaughter, we busted a move building a chicken coop. And yes, it is a to scale miniature replica of our tiny house.

As the chicks grew we had friends try to help us identify them. Would they be layers, fryers, or fancy show chickens?

In the end, we think they were New Hampshire Reds, a dual purpose breed. For sure atleast 10 of the 13 birds were roosters and let me tell you what, that coop was right under our bedroom window and there were nights they started crowing at 2 am.

When slaughter day came we more than ready for a quiet morning where the baby wasn’t being awoken early by off key adolescent cock harmonies.

Thanks to our awesome friends, Amy and Brian, we rocked out dressing those birds in under 2 hours and almost having fun doing the work.

We have 78#s of tasty chicken in our freezer and a great story to boot.



4 thoughts on “Meanwhile back at the ranch…

  1. I am so enjoying this stuck among the hot pavement of NYC (I just keep telling myself I chose this I chose this I chose this)….keep playing in the garden and I can’t wait to see how the pumpkin turns out!


    1. I hear you! When you are in the thick of it sometimes it’s hard to remember why you wanted it. That’s what friends are for to cheer you on when it is hot and sweaty, loud and busy. Let the pumpkin carry you through!


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