Ask a farmer

“Ask a farmer” gets said daily this summer. When are winter squash ready to harvest, why are these tomatoes rotting, are the potato plants supposed to look so terrible, and what should I do about this downy mildew on the giant pumpkin leaves?

Bebe Samara

Thankfully our bad-ass horse powered farmer friends, Rich and Kate, payed us a visit loaded with solid farmer wisdom. They have an amazing organic farm with a roadside farm stand in Richmond worth checking out: Tender Soles Farm


As advised, this morning I clipped the infected leaf and sprayed the spreading mildew with an H2O2 solution and FINALLY covered the fruit with shade cloth.

Hopefully I’ll kick this fungus before it hurts the pumpkin. Today’s estimated weight is 59# gaining 2# from yesterday. Champion pumpkins grow on average 25# per day. It’s clear that the fruit really needs to kick it into high gear if it has any chance at placing.

Gots to find me some of that high potassium fertalizer….


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