Weigh off day

It is officially the end of the growing season. The morning started with severing fruit from stem, loading it into the hatchback, and driving to Pinkham’s Nursery in Damariscotta for the volunteer growers weigh off.

I was hoping that my pumpkin would be so big that it would require engineering to imagetransport it from field to scale. Well, I was shy of that by a few hundred pounds. Upon arriving, I felt completely out of place. This was the truck in front of me with two 500-600# pumpkins in the bed. Jeebuz!

I was welcomed for my amateur efforts regardless. There were fork lifts and tractors moving giant pumpkins on pallets. The pumpkins varied in size, shape, and color as much as the growers.

I met fellow grower, Katie, there with her beautiful orange pumpkin coming in at 146.5#s. Nice one, Katie!

And now, drum roll, how much did my pumpkin weigh?

86.5#s. Although it was probably the 3rd or 4th smallest pumpkin weighed and even 10 year olds had 350#s on mine, it’s still the biggest curcorbit I’ve ever grown by far. I came away from the gathering of giant pumpkin enthusiasts with growing tips and styles for next year and an increased passion for the giant pumpkin lifestyle.


The first place prize went to a gorgeous 777# fruit. They announced that the night prior a 2000#+ fruit was weighed in Massachusetts. I am curious what the winning pumpkin at the professional growers weigh off today will come in at and win that $10,000 purse.

In summary, I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have a giant pumpkin growing in their front yard. I am excited to see what they end up doing with my pumpkin for the fest next weekend and hope it won’t be used in the catapult.





One thought on “Weigh off day

  1. well, even though both your babies were a little underweight, they are destined for great things!! you’ve inspired me to grow a GP next year, so you’ll have to share everything you’ve learned with me! woo hoo!


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